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     TechnoBabes is a western european Party Lifestyle blog related to the underground electronic music scene, events & festivals, club culture and their lifestyle. This party related blog is made for clubbers, music & party lovers by communicating with a very personal view and giving insights into the clubbing adventures of Lauren Jones, Eva Maria, Helena Pedreros, Rebeca Berger, Astrid Nbn & Marah Berezowsky.
TechnoBabes.net is the reflection of our own vision and experience in this wild world.
In this blog you will find everything that this party lifestyle and our explorations into the night-life inspired to us.



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French but friendly. She was born in Bordeaux but she has also lived in Paris, San franciscoBarcelona and now Berlin. She just got her Master Degree in Digital marketing and already sees herself at the head of her own company in the near future. For the moment Lauren is working for an important agency in Berlin as she is doing Marketing and Logistic for Ask My Management and 99Ghosts.

Even before she was born, people knew she would become a TechnoBabe. Her love story with techno music started at the age of 9 when she received her first techno music compilation from her older cousin. Dancing to music is definitely in her blood.

Lauren is a cat person -you can be a cat or a dog person-, she doesn’t like going to the cinema and never watches TV because she’s sure that this is a time-stealing devil. You should believe her. She has a knack for right time / right place management.

She is the most organized person you will never meet. The only thing she can’t manage is her love for black dresses, jackets and cigarettes.

If you want to steal her heart find a place where you can combine underground electronic music, artsy atmosphere and unexpected happenings. That’s how you get girls, and Lauren.


Half Austrian, half Hungarian, but a full time techno lover. She was born in a small town in the middle of the mountains but she quickly discovered her desire to explore big cities. Her passion -after music- is to travel. When she was little, Eva wanted to be Sailor Moon. Later, she figured out that Sailor Moon was not so cool and that’s how she started her actual studies in occupational therapy.

Her perfect day starts with a coca cola light and a cigarette, checking out where she can find new awesome danceable music and the next unmissable party. She is always searching for some activities, she loves to be around people and she always needs the feeling of freedom. By the way, Eva is a dog person.

If you take her out there are two rules: You pick the place but she decides where to sit. She will have special wishes, all the time and everywhere.

Eva is always dropping a brick, laughing out loud, and making jokes – but you will get used to it.


Frenchy latino born in Madrid. Helena Pedreros is currently conquering Paris and studying fashion design.
Her love for techno music raised in Barcelona. We can say that she didn’t miss any party during the year she spent in this vibrant city.
Helena has a kneen sense for what will be trendy and had been involved in two of the most brillant emerging and promising projects that was born in Barcelona last year both in the techno & fashion cercles.
We are still trying to figured it out if she have time to be bored among all the cool projects she is involed in but one sure thing, she will always find some time to attend to underground techno parties.

Some of her referencies: Recondite, Function, Vril or Monoloc

Helena is an adventurous and energetic girl, who never goes out without her best friend: a pair of Dr Marteens.

Helena is a cat person. Don’t ask her to have a chill night, it will always end by going an adventure. Helena is the youngest but she know how to have fun!


Rebeca, just Rebeca. She may seem to be a dog person at the first sight, but she is actually a convinced cat person. She even has a Cheshire cat tattoo on the right leg which proves it. She was born on a full moon night on Halloween. Her mom is Spanish and her dad is from Switzerland. She was born and raised in a tiny town near Zurich in the German part of Switzerland; she is such a typical Swiss beauty. Always looking for new challenges, she decided to leave everything behind to travel the world. Finally, she ended up in Barcelona, where she is currently working in a pharmaceutical company as a legal drug dealer.

“Techno addict”, “Barcelover” but also a passionate “Wanderluster”.

She speaks six languages and never misses an opportunity to visit new places.

Rebecca is a very calm, spontaneous person with a healthy dose of sarcasm, who doesn’t take life too serious. Beside cats, food and long deeply talks until late evening hours accompanied by a glass of wine, her favourite subjects are: Techno and the club scene.

This Technobabe is probably known for the never ending afterhours, her dark sense of humour, and her capacity of always getting lost.


Astrid Nbn was born and raised in the west of France, always close to the sea.
When she took her independency, she moved to Bordeaux where she is currently attending a Master Degree specializing in event management and public relations. She had lived in Casablanca, London and Paris.

She discovered her excitement for art galleries and exhibitions and found her way alongside the electronic music scene.
A question regarding what is happening in the clubbing scene and the event industry in France, she is the one! She always knows what is going on and will know how to convince you to go party.

Astrid is such a busy girl between all the associations and events projects she is involved in, job, all the books and magazines she read… Impressive.
She never stop to discover new places and parties where she can dance on techno music with a minimum of 5m2 around her.

Astrid is a french cat person, know how to behave with her for much fun assured.

The dream party for Astrid: Bring Laurent Garnier in a Bordeaux winiard castle with many space, many friends and a cocktail in the hand.


Canadian Techno enthusiast Marah has had a passion for electronic music since a very young age. Having completed her studies in Marketing Communications, she has always dreamed of pursuing a career in music industry on the other side of the world situated in the heart of electronic music heaven. Her dedication to this industry has relocated her to her favourite city of Amsterdam, where she currently is pursuing a career in the industry, and getting a taste of what the electronic music scene in Europe is all about.

Marah is the heart and soul of “My Cup Of Tech” underground electronic music blog, and had been following the TechnoBabes. Sharing the same vision and dream, Marah reached out to Lauren from the TechnoBabes, and they went on to create a bond that grew between them resulting in joining forces!

Her perfect day begins with a cup of tea and going over new music to add her to weekly Steep Of The Week playlists on her blog.

You can always catch this techno-head out in the city at the best underground techno events.

Just tell this girl that you love techno, and you can win her heart.




     We are very lucky to be able to travel a lot due to our jobs, internships, and passion for partying. Our new TechnoTours enable us to meet up for adventures, somewhere in the European metropolitan nightlife. We’re always interested in discovering new projects, artists, trends, club culture facts, and everything else related to parties and their environments. TechnoBabes is a project that was created in October 2014 and it has evolved in this time, as have we and with our generation. It’s made with real passion. It’s all about sharing, caring and spreading the word.

Techno Music & Party Scene:

Techno is a music genre and a spirit. The Electronic Music Scene considers differently Electronic Dance Music -EDM- and Techno Music. Techno Music was leading the underground scene before it took worldwide importance thanks to Techno DJs spreading their beats to thousands of people through raves, parades, clubs and Festivals.
EDM is still the leading genre in the United Stats of America (USA) landscape and is perceived as “mainstream”. Meanwhile , Techno is synonym of quality music coming from the underground culture. The movement is taking much importance in Europe with metropolitan party capitals like Berlin, Ibiza, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Paris. Should we talk about overground nowadays?
Among the electronic music landscape, you may have also heard about IDM – Intelligent Danse Music- for the experts and the mental trips and wan-wan addicts.

TechnoBabes Project is all about Techno.

Techno is the cornerstone of the underground electronic music culture since the 80’s. Originally from Detroit, USA, during a time when a society-rejected-black community started to play with technology, buttons and frequencies in a forgotten city that visually replicated the infamous “Gothman City”. Those guys from Detroit created a new kind of music. Themselves inspired by ahead of their time european producers such as German electronic music group Kraftwerk.
Minimal, Acid, Deep, experimental… Nowadays, techno has multiple faces as our society is today. In addition, this music movement inspired by clubbers and spread by DJs all around the most infamous clubs and festivals on the planet have a message to deliver: a universal message. Techno has the power of bringing us all together. Whether it be in some mythique clubs, an unexpected venue or surrealistic after party. Always with a truly open-minded spirit, like history never knew before.
In our complex world, there is a place for people who want to express themselves and respect each other. For this dream to happen, there is no place like our underground/overground dancefloors.

The members of TechnoBabes’s project are proud to be spokespersons of such a beautiful Techno community.



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