ME&her x TechnoBabes

How I met ME&her

The smiling faces of those two gals are still in our mind after their performance at Cubique Club in Innsbruck with Soundterasse boys. To tell you the truth, I was not expecting nothing special from this particular evening.  And I didn’t even knew I will go to party. ME&her definitely made us dance!


Even Jen, the blonde one, danced in the middle of the crowd. This made my evening: Jägermeister shaking Dj girls ! ON TOP! This girl is pure power.
She loves photography and she is a freak. A real life controlfreak, but she is taking it with humor. She hates big cities, horses and is afraid of flying alone (“Every time I text my family & boyfriend cause I always fear the plane might crash“).

Phuong is the little cute asian Dj. Travelling, good food, music: that’s how you get this girl.



What brought you to djing?

Jen: “My parents put me into the school choir and sent me to a singing school where I completed courses in classical singing & musical for a couple of years. Later, I had two boyfriends who were DJs and that’s how I got familiar with the technique of spinning and producing.
My 1st DJ boyfriend had two Korg Electribes (the MX & SX) and he was live performing with them in Leipzig and Wittenberg.
He showed me how to produce with fruity loops. Back then I started producing really heavy techno beats and also Schranz -European style of music derived from techno- with 145 bpm. Later on I tried myself with heavy core productions around 200bpm!!!
Now I’m getting older and I calm down with only 122/124bpm. Nevertheless our previous connection to Techno & Core Music is still influencing our productions, especially the trippiness & darkness. 
After these boyfriends I became singer for a house DJ in Brandenburg, Germany. Together we performed as Richie feat. Donna Djaxx (my artist name as a singer) but not a long time because of my exams at the university entrance diploma and because my parents forced my to focus on school during that period of time.
After my commercial apprenticeship in Germany I moved to Zurich, Switzerland to work for a big business consultancy. During my time in Zurich I wanted to go back into the music scene and started DJing professionally four years ago.
First as a solo artist, later I’ve met Phuong and we’ve founded the duo project. I got to know that I am not a solo artist, I need someone who pushes me further and further and also someone I can share travel with.
Also, I was still interested in producing and I started a producer school two years ago.
We also met David Keno and did a song with him which gave me more confidence to release my very own productions with the help of Phuongs influence.”

Phugong: “Since I am a child, music was a big part of my life. I got piano classes at the age of six years old and when I was not practicing I was listening to my dad’s vinyls (I loved Pink Floyd).
When I was 16 years old, I decided to get into real business. I started to organzise events for a asian community (I told everybody I was 18, but yeah… I lied). Thats how I came to HipHop music and meet Djs. I saw them and I directly felt in love. They were such stars for me and I wanted to change my piano classes into using my time for djing. Meanwhile my parents were pushing me to study.
Thank god, my friend Jen asked me if I wanted to play with her -this was already 5 years ago-. She showd me how to drop the beats and I started to love electronic music.”



Now we know the basics, I was wandering: No bitchfights  ?
“NO! We got friends really fast after we met the first time in a club, but of course doing business together is not always easy.
We had to find a direction both of us to be happy with. Also we have totally different personalities. We fight like sisters and most of the time when we got angry with the other one we meet in the club to perform a set, start to drink a Jägermeister and have a good time while playing.
Then all fights are over and forgotten. Also we are always there for the other one when something bad happens. At first, we had problems to be respected by the local DJ heroes of Zurich but that gave us the power and the energy to be as successful as we are now.”

The conclusion is: be a little freak, find a Dj boyfriend, find a good friend, dance in the middle of the people, drink some Jägermeister… And everybody will love you! 


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