Stefano Noferini x TechnoBabes

Dear techno lovers, let us introduce you to one of the Italian legends: Stefano Noferini


Stefano Noferini


The Italian techno is still in our minds after he made us dance during the Dockyard Festival at the ADE.
Stefano Noferini is a powerful artist who is able to feel the mood of the party people around him and to play with them.

Lauren Jones: “The first time we met Stefano was during the evening before the Dockyard Festival in a nice restaurant in Amsterdam. We had no ideas about his talent at the moment! That’s how we were introduced to Stefano, Deep Perfect and the Italian crew. The following day, we had the great pleasure to see him playing during the festival and his music makes us dance so much! We enjoyed the company a lot.”


Stefano Noferini 2

 Stefano Noferini @ Music Is Revolution w/ Carl Cox, Space, Ibiza

Eva Maria:
Stefano grow up in Florence, one of the most beautiful cities of Italy “I love the countryside” he said. Air and silence, the perfect compensation if your working place is in a big club with thousands of people!
Since making music became his work he is also playing soccer (typical italian) and goes to ski in his free time.
When he was a child, music was already everything for him. He got a record player, a Technics 1000 from his parents. This was the first steps to make this legend alive.
Stefano is a really happy person, humorous and a gentleman. His mind is open as you can see on his attitude towards life: “I always think, I always feel that the future will be better than the past. I never cried on my past or on my mistakes. Tomorrow will be brighter than today…”
Something magical happens with Stefano on the decks, a real energy takes hold and people get connected to music in a way that is beautifully pure. If you want to lose yourself in music, Stefano is for you! ” Stefano was nominated as Beatports “Breakout Artist of the Year” in 2010, “Artist of the Year” in 2011. He played in famous places like Ministry of Sound, Euphoria, H20, F-135, Space Miami, Space Ibiza, Cocoon Frankfurt, Lief Festival, Sankeys and Row 14 just to name a few.
He continues to expand his global reach by growing his well-known radio program, Club Edition, into new territories each month. The show currently is heard by millions of people in 15 countries worldwide. His imprint, Deeperfect Records is bringing superior sounds to the masses with tech inspired grooves penned by today’s most relevant producers: Stefano Noferini, Wally Lopez, Paolo Mojo and more. It is one of the most respected dance labels today, thats for sure!


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