Tracy Recordings x TechnoBabes

Have you already heard about Nitsa Club in Barcelona – Sala Apolo?
If not, maybe you already heard about the infamous Nasty Mondays Parties at Sala Apolo?

Well, if like us you have the chance to spend one of your night there, you will cross paths with Kosmos for sure!


Kosmos Tracy Recordings


Kosmos founded this pure label: Tracy Recordings, with two other persons: Ginebra and Funkmasta aka Strong Language.

Maybe you don’t know those DJ yet but I can assure you that in Spain and more specifically in Barcelona, there were super stars in the 90’s. Kosmo was considered as one of the best DJs coming from the spanish electronic scene and was one of the pioneer of the club scene in Barcelona. Also, today everybody has a lot of respect for it’s name as he influenced an all generation.

Tracy recordings kosmo ginebra


You can support Tracy Recordings by following the links bellow:



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