Interview #1 Antoine Buffard Trax Magazine

We introduce you to the coolest french magazine: Trax and its Chief Editor Antoine Buffard.

Trax Magazine is the french leading magazine about club culture and electronic music. It was born in 1997 and it’s nowadays the compilation of an awesome website and a paper magazine expending worldwide day after day.

Trax Magazine represent:

.20 000 magazine sold by month

.74 000 Facebook’s likes

.9 000 followers on Soundcloud


Antoine Buffard started to read Trax Magazine at the age of 13 years old and today, he is the Chief Editor of it. This is kind of a success story for this french electronic music influencer.

In this interview, we asked him to talk to us about the main evolutions of the electronic music and its culture, past and future.

He also gives us his opinion about the values adopted by electronic music.

Later, we exchange about girls in general in the sector to finally conclude by his encouragement talks regarding the future of our project Technobabes.



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