How to pack a perfect party weekend suitcase

perfect party suitcase

Who never faced this HUGE dilemma of packing a suitcase before a party weekend?

To sum up the problem:
One micro suitcase + all the stuffs you would like to bring + the kg restriction + your poor arms which have to bear the weight of the bags

Challenge accepted!

The TechnoBabes are solving your problem.
Today we will explain you how to become a packing professional.


We will consider a plane trip with a low-cost company and only a cabin suitcase allowed because it’s the most constraining for you.

  • First, think about what you REALLY NEED in advance: What does the outfit look like including make up, shoes, jewelry, bag, … and what are the « in case » needed stuff. You can make a list of your essentials to check later. You wont need 4 dresses for two nights, decide now, you will have more time for pre parties and less stress if you are wearing the right outfit because you won’t have another opportunity
  • Second, choose the best bags: One cabin suitcase (check the size allows by the company on their website), a little clutch (better if this one can also be used as a party clutch) and a tote bag you can fold and roll.

In the cabin suitcase:

For this party weekend you must need in your luggage 2 night’s outfits, 2 day’s outfits and wear the same cosy clothes during the trip way and back. Prepair the exact outfit to get sure you will not miss anything or wast space in your suitcase.

And this is the tricky part: Rule #1 only two pair of shoes (damn it!) for this party travel: sneakers VS high-shoes, sneakers & sneaker, whatever. The idea is to have just one pair in the suitcase.

Rule #2 Don’t forget some space for your vanity/toilet case and take caution with your perfume, as the max size liquid container is 100ml. Then prepare and pack a pharmacy case, add your accessories an outside jacket… thank god there are no more rules…

We will reveal to you in a future tip & tricks article what is the perfect party vanity and perfect party pharmacy case because we learned thanks to experience, that it reaaaly worth an entire article…

In the clutch:

Put inside everything you need to keep close to you:
Cell phone, ID, earphones, cards, the key of your suitcase locker, sunglasses and in case make up.
We are in 2014 so you can have your boarding pass, books, magazines and notes inside your smart phone but if you use this technique don’t forget to have your charger with you to avoid the end of the world!

In the tote bag:

Normally, if you take a low-cost flight, you will only be able to have one cabin suitcase and the clutch that will be more or less hidden under your coat… BUT the following is our real TechnoBabes technique special.

Not everything fits in the suitcase?
Well, put apart the large tee shirts, hoodies and sweaters. The technique is easy. Just bring them in the tote bag. Check if the company is strict with the only-one-bag rule or not. If you see that the hostess don’t let the people before you in the queue, embarking with the cabin suitcase and an other bag, just wear your clandestine clothes above your normal ones and fold the tote bag in your suitcase. Yes you will look like fat, yes you will be really hot but as soon as this hostess cheking control is finish, you can take everything out and put them again in your magic tote bag!

Clutch and tote bag

Tip 1: Buy an airless travel kit to bring your shampoo and dry shampoo with you

Tip 2: Use as many free samples as you can

Tip 3: Welcome in the “mini” world: mini hair dryer, mini umbrella etc

Tip 4: Checking the weather in advance can be useful

Tip 5: Test the weight of your luggage at home with a balance or a magic luggage scale

Tip 6: As we mentioned it before each low-costs companies have its own rules and can be more or less strict with their rules. So check websites and observe around you! For example we know that in general Easyjet is strict and Vueling is not so much. The later you do your check in the less they will care about the weight for your luggage

Ready to take off!

In the following video, you can also see the expert tips & tricks of the Louis Vuitton’s Art of Packing:

Have a good trip!


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