About TechnoBabes Project

TechnoBabes is 5 years old!


Celebrating life, being part of an artists community, promoting independence and power on our own lives: this is what TechnoBabes is all about.

TechnoBabes is the story behind a big quest: the evolving research of a deeper sense of freedom. 


Inspired by a summer in Barcelona, TechnoBabes was born in Bordeaux and now operates mainly from Berlin.


The initial blog project evolved with time and reached several European metropoles first. 

In the past 5 years, the TechnoBabes, a group of girlfriends spread around Europe but united by a common passion for celebrating life, grew up, travelled beyond, gained professional experience and seized opportunities.

The concept expanded and reached other continents like Australia, North and South America, North Africa, South Asia, Eastern Europe, and the list keeps growing.


On the way, press accreditations have been compiled, festivals were built and promoted, DJs and musicians played all around the world, art pieces were curated and made up, decors were set up, shootings were hosted in sublime locations, music was produced, performances were given, countless parties were thrown all along the way, many friends have connected and so much more positive things have happened….


In 2020, TechnoBabes is a concept and a window.

It is the reflection of a lifestyle we designed for ourselves.

It is an example showing that being independent in our society has really become an alternative, especially thanks to new technologies.

It is proof that it’s possible to live off a passion and passionately every day.

It is a shared experience because celebrations are to be enjoyed altogether.

TechnoBabes arose from a common passion for music, events, arts, fashion, travelling, taking care of oneself and connecting to people.

It is now an extended family of positive thinkers and working creatives.


Today, the TechnoBabes project resonates as a lifestyle label and aims to highlight how new technologies empower us to write the story of our common future among arts and beauty, a place where the fun never ends.


After all, we are the first fearless and empowered women and men of so many generations to be able to enjoy independence and to have our own voice. 

We decided to do something about it.

Such as Phenix does, TechnoBabes was born, died and reborn.




lauren (at) technobabes (dot) net