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Mexico – Best recommendations


Mid-January to end of March



 All In music to accompany you 


Following, you will discover some cool spots that I came across during my travels. Sometimes they come from previously given recommendations and sometimes I found them myself by luck. It is a nice mix between good cheap deals and chic places.
Have fun, travel safely and make life-lasting memories, L. 💕


Personalised recommendations upon request, contact Lauren via Instagram @TechnoBabes

But don’t miss the mystical Tepoztlán! The most incredible synchronicities and the realisation of my very best wishes happened there.



If you are on a quest to explore the Pacific coast, El Estado de Oaxaca is the best pic. Surf, sea wildlife, nightlife, spiritual retreats…
There is so much to do and each city has its own vibe. Choose your favourite depending on your own preferences or explore them all and be a chameleon.

Stop by Oaxaca de Juárez or not?
I haven’t stopped by the state capital myself but it is said to be very charming, with plenty of coloured houses and street art. I have also heard that it is the best city to visit for foodies in all of Mexico.


📍Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido might be your first and inevitable stop as it is one of the main airports in the region. It is a great place for youngsters, surfers and evening drinks by the beach. A little too commercial and touristy for my taste but this town has a lot to offer nevertheless.

Trustful local contact: excursions and info about Puerto and nearby beaches on their website


Villa Mexicana
La coral beach house
both by Playa Coral

One Love Hostal
by the main beach Playa Zicatela


Villas Carrizalillo Hotel, incredible view above Playa Carrizalillo
Omara Restaurant, Oysters and seafood, chic
I also had the best fish tacos as street food

Party venue:

SinXCensura: Cool venue and parties in the jungle

Places to work from as a digital nomad & cultural venues:

Pauline Creative Hub
La Julia Coffee, Market & Gallery


I loved Zipolite for its open-mindedness. It remains my favourite town in the area, even though I got bitten by a Chihuahua under a full-moon night which shorten my stay there. There is a very interesting mix of people. Perfect place if you like to connect with nature, do nudism and feel free. Delimited by two cliffs, it is an interesting condensed mix between nice parties on the beach, a little bit more spiritual than Puerto Escondido but less than Mazunte. Also a hot spot for LGBTQ+.


Hotel Angel del Mar, very cute hotel on top of a hill being at walking distance from Puerto Angel and Zipolite, you will have a unique view of both sunrises and sunsets
Posada Brisa Marina, there are plenty of affordable hostels/huts directly by the beach that are pretty rustic but you will wake up with your foot on the sand and can jump in the ocean. No shoes needed!
Naked Zipolite, if after all the travels you want to treat yourself with comfort but still want a special experience, try this nude hotel.

Be brave and try the scorpion-infused mezcal.

Party venue:

Do the tour of the bars / chiringuitos on the beach, it might give you a festival-town feeling


The place to be for a spiritual retreat or to catch the vibe.

Trustful local contact:

Alexis, if you need anything
Contact for plant medicine, upon request.


Hotel Posada El Manantial, cute central hostal. In the morning, grab the best croissants in the nearby coffee place


El Chiringuito, The black sand of Playa Mermejita is beautiful to see. No swim is recommended though, as the current is dragging strongly
Drink a fresh coconut a day keeps the doctors and troubles away

Music venue and sunset spots:

Terraza del Arquitecto, music venue, as well as best coffe spot
Everything closes at midnight! Get some rest in order to enjoy daytime activities.
Punta Cometa, for a special sunset. Nice walk from playa Rinconcito to Playa Mermejita but not too late as you need to watch your steps to go along the cliff. Look at the horizon, you might see whales, dolphins or manta rays.
You may come across advertising for hippy / spiritual gatherings worth checking out if this is of your interest

Alternatively, the beach next door Playa San Agustinillo is a little less popular so you should have better deals on accommodations. You could have a long walk on the beach, all the way to the end (east / left-hand side when you face the sea) where you will discover a little cave accessible in low tide.

Plonge your legs in the sea at night to see bioluminescent animals.



San José del Pacífico: Mushroom town surrounded by mystical mountains
Chacahua Lagoon: National parc and mangrove to explore if you have the time


Side notes and advices:
*In order to find accommodations in Zipolite and Mazunte, try your luck and walk the streets to find something available. Not all places are on Google Maps and it could be a bit tricky since the popularity of those places is rising. Hostels will often have a little sign at the entrance announcing if the place has remaining beds/rooms or if it is full. Flow, speak with people and get the best deals by taking over places from someone departing.

*Bring some cash with you always! Not all places take the cards and it happens that all cash dispensaries are empty… keep your coins too to buy in markets.

* Zipolite and Mazunte have very low internet reception, not recommended if you have some work to get done.

*The ocean can be dangerous and courant are very strong. Always ask locals before going for a swim.

*Remember that places such as Puerto Escondido, where there is a buzzing nightlife, are ruled by the local mafia. If you ever need supplies, deal with them and don’t bring anything with you to events that don’t come from their hands… Not even a piece of magic chocolate…  Be very mindful about respecting their rules and you will have no issues.



Personalised recommendations upon request, contact Lauren via Instagram @TechnoBabes

Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, San pancho, Guadalajara, Lago de Chapala


Denuncia Paisano: the main thing to worry about in Mexico is being extorted by the police. There is an application for you to denunciate abusive behaviour or to use it as a threat to defend yourself (also for androids).
Drinking in the street is illegal


I hope those recommendations will help and inspire you.
Together we can create a virtual safe space. Share this page with your beloved ones and send me feedbacks. I’d love to hear about your own adventures. xoxo

Kyiv – club scene & hope for the world

Feminist artist @helatomic facing Lesya Ukrainka,
Ukrainian freedom fighter, poet and civil rights activist.
“Lilly of the valley” Mural by @guidovanhelten

📷  picture taken in July 2021




Soundtrack to further reading





I went to KYIV, UKRAINE in July 2021.

My mind got blown away.

It was quite a while since all eyes and ears were turned to the capital of this exotic Eastern-European country; especially in cultural industries. 

Years ago, electronic music media started to publish some articles and documentaries about a music scene blooming there. Seeds were planted in our minds and curiosity awakened.

Early adopters, lucky enough to have had life putting Kyiv on their path, were coming back from this new mysterious Eldorado, chanting some tales about a city where culture, humanity and feminine energy were blending. 

Suddenly, a worldwide pandemic hit the earth and all its inhabitants. 

And so, all cultural life completely shut down around the world.

Earthly humans were forbidden to meet each other and forced to stay home.

Unless in Kyiv. 

And so, we went to Kyiv.

It was a matter of keeping celebrating life, moving our bodies and connecting throughout 2 years of global terrific life lockdowns.

Friends were reporting that the boarding queue at the airport gate Berlin-Kyiv for New Year’s Eve 2020 and 2021 seemed like a Berghain queue.

Unless only a negative PCR test paper, the golden ticket to travel in Europe during those dark times, would allow you to get into this new cultural capital of the world and its infamous clubs. 

I had a love and hate misconception of Kyiv for some very personal narratives.
Though, last July, the pandemic rebel city of hope and freedom welcomed me with wide-open arms. 

I was so lucky to have had Kyiv introduced to me by one of my favourite couples and best friends (@Helatomic, @Lavatronic and @victorhalcantara ). We could finally dance all together again… 

They had already been there several times before and so had most of my closest friends; especially Berliners.

Going to Kyiv was very special to us. There, I experienced my first post-pandemic festival and clubbing weekend successful come-back.

The scene was on fire! 

Someone had even opened a club without a name, built by the same architect studio as the Berlin-based renowned best club in the world, Berghain. People call it K41.

Maybe it has many similarities with Berghain, but the vibe was unique and fresh.

Finally, I could live and see the magnificence of this modern Babylon with my own eyes.

What did I find in Kyiv? 

Freedom, strong female energy and kindness. 

People would say that the vibe in Kyiv is quite similar to what Berlin used to be in the 90’s “poor but sexy”. And this holds true.
But I would always add that Kyiv is a feminine version of Berlin, where a rather raw masculine energy infuses the town’s feel and touch.

In Kyiv, Woman Power was everywhere. 

Starting with the gigantic victorious statue of Motherland overlooking the city and defying enemies.
Also in the history of the mediaeval city such as when Lybid, a woman, led three “bros” and founded Kyiv. Where did we see a woman going around with her harem before…? 

In politics too with the influence of Lesya Ukrainka’s work in political, civil and feminist activism.
Very impressively, in the clubs where fascinating creatures would dance top-less in between true respect, open-mindedness and admiration.


And in so many other ways. 

This is what I want to remember about Kyiv: pure strong feminine energy in the air.
A taste of what could be a more balanced world, between masculine and feminine forces.
Quite futuristic.
I hope so.

I felt mesmerised to discover that culture.
Yes, there is one place in the entire world where women feel so free that they dance breast-free on techno music all around the city clubs. Still quite surrealistic but surely spreading a trend in our favourite parties, at least in Europe.

I want to remember the mix of the nicest and most creative Ukrainians having fun with other music and culture aficionados from all over, too curious not to live these quite unique pandemic moments.

The too-cool-for-school thing to do for every promoter and DJ in Europe and beyond was to organise events or get to play there.

Not longer than two weeks ago we were still talking about how established the scene was in Ukraine. We had a chat about it from the other side of the world, in Mexico with the German Giegling crew.


Yes, Kyiv was the place to be in the world for partying. 

Suddenly, the news we received shocked the world.

War had begun…

As unreal as it sounded for me sitting on a beach on the pacific coast in Central America, the news hit us.
The storm was ragging on a global level and the eye of the cyclone was Ukraine.

In fact, we were all expecting something to happen at… anytime really.
I remember that when my best friends from Berlin, Paris, Madrid and more went to Kyiv for New Year’s Eve 2 months ago we were already talking about the Russian government about to make the wrong move… “anytime but after new year’s eve for surer”… deep within, we felt and knew.

Although no one could have foreseen the horror it became.

It took me some time to digest the information.
And yet the coming news were getting worse day after day. 

With regards to our favourite club: ​​”Our friend who used to manage K41 had to escape via Poland in order to come back to Berlin. They lost everything, and the club became a shelter …”

Every time I feel heavy, I try to remember that we live in a dualistic world and I know that every perspective, no matter how elevated, has its anthesis. As evil as the situation is, as light it would awake to counterforce. 

And light always wins.

As close to that fine line as we can get, light always wins.

Seeing the world getting together to stand up against a common threat is heartwarming… I’ve never experienced such solidarity.

However, I’ve also seen the danger of hate engendering more hate and fear spreading like a wildfire.

Please don’t fall into those traps.

As much as I try myself not to. Even if some days are more challenging than others…

I want to believe that this is a collective mission. Keeping faith, open-mindedness and empathy.
Towards all living species on earth.

Our planet is a gem standing in our hands and as we contemplate it we could remember that : 

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”  Hermes Trismegistus

What if the conflicts and triggers in our world reality mirrored internal conflicts?

What if we could change the world by looking inside of us on a micro-quantum level to influence the macro-quantum field?

I try every day to take care of myself, to take care of the people around me, to be kind to nature.
Sometimes I could do better…

What do I think about ? How do I feel ? How do I act ?

I do my very best to share laughter, happy vibes and lightness around.

I strive to envision multiple, probable and positive futures alternatives. 

I believe that we are the artists, masters of our life, creators of our collective reality.

Humanity is the genesis of its own future.

Today I want to share my love, consideration and strength with those who suffer.
No matter what country they live in or what tragedy they have to go through.
I will never be able to imagine what those people are feeling because nothing prepares us for it…

We are all the most amazing creatures that ever existed and we all deserve to live in peace and serenity. 

Today I needed to share my support for Ukraine and transform the heavily charged emotions my heart feels some days into something beautiful. 

I wish for life, empathic intelligence and freedom to prevail.

Tonight I light a candle of hope for the world. 

So when you feel fearful or worried, just stare at the candle’s burning mesh and breathe.
That way, you will free your mind, at this exact moment and for as long as you will look at it. 


ᏝΩ Mars 2022, Mexico


The DJ MCDE playing at peacock society festival 2016 in paris



PARIS 2015


It’s official, Parisians and French are inspired by the rave culture. Unconventinal parties are organized in the suburbs of Paris where massive warehouse parties, cave parties and techno festivals are flourishing.

Trax Magazine, the french leading paper magazine and webzine about electronic musics and their culture since 1997 describes it perfectly:
Trax Magazine ArticleTrax magazine article about Raves


They write: “The world “Warehouse” is everywhere on Facebook events, the promise of a pure and brutal party. Most of the time, the venue is a “Secret Location””. “Those huge warehouse are redefining the Parisian party scene landscape“, and later “A new kind of Music, that industrial Techno, is overrunning in Paris”

They also referred to a new collective called ØFF party that understood perfectly the desire of French clubbers for something new and more authentic. They organized parties called DRØM and then TENSION for our greatest pleasure.

We decided  it was worth a visit and we return to Paris, the new capital of cool raving!


TechnoBabes had a nice 24hr rave experience in Paris that weekend.
We started with The Peacock Society.
About the festival: the whole place was surrounded with trees, they had 3 different stages, the biggest was very dark with some mesmerizing light installations – which are a personal favourite of ours – and the stages were quite separate from each other. The third little area was seperated and full of windows.
About the performance: I personally think Daniel Avery, Danny Daze and Clouds were definitely the highlights of the night.
Danny Daze was playing like I’ve never hear him before, and the sound system and lights were the perfect combination to enjoy his set.
About the rave: the average age was very young, they were all full of energy and many of them hadn’t any idea about the line up of that night. Nevertheless, since the moment I hit the dance floor – I felt such a nice vibe.
About the organization: at the entrance everything was quite fast, and the place was very easy to get in and out in every moment. The only problem I found was the cash counters, there was not enough for the high demand that they had all night long. Shortly after, there were no more lockers available to use.

7am, cap, meet up with the rest of our friends, cap again and finally we arrived to TENSION#1 after party on Sunday morning.
The venue was in the suburbs of Paris at an old industrial warehouse. The synergy between the darkness, minimal red lights, Funktion-One sound system, and techno was on point.
And to be honest, we had nothing to complain about. Everything was perfect. We enjoyed a true techno party.
Besides, we had Boris as a special guest from Ostgut Ton label and Clouds. Totally recommended.


It’s pretty clear, go raving to Parisian Suburb Warehouse with party enthusiasts to experience a top quality techno party.



CLARA 3000





BORIS (Ostgut Ton)


Never underestimate yellow legos.
Clouds has a secret guest brings icing on the cake.
Be aware that in a festival of more than 10 000 people, phones are out of order, before you loose your friends. Setting up a meeting point in case of people lost before the festival can be very useful!


Trax Magazine

ØFF party

Peacock Society




techno party picture collage rave in paris

Peacock Society Festival and Danny Daze


Party in paris at Concrete Club on the wood Floor

Paris – Drumcode Party at Concrete Club

TechnoBabes on TechnoTour:

Paris 2015


Paris is the capital of France, of love and of the humain rights but not only.
Since a few years Paris became an European party capital for Techno lovers and the famous Parisian club called “La Concrete” played an important role in the french club culture landscape.


Drumcode Party at Concrete Club:

Drumcode Records is a Swedish techno label managed by Adam Beyer.
Adam Beyer is also one of the most acclaimed production talents on the scene and has consistently delivered cutting edge music across his 3 labels – Drumcode, Truesoul and Madeye.
Over the years he has also built up a highly prized roster of talent on the labels and his meticulous ear for quality productions is highly renowned. Drumcode events have also achieved much praise across the globe by hosting events in Berghain, Berlin, for the Awakening festivals in Amsterdam or at Warehouse Party in London to talk only about Europe. In addition the highly respected weekly ‘Drumcode live’ FM radio show is broadcast on over 40 stations worldwide with the podcast having already achieved well over 3 million downloads.

Concrete, one of our favorite nightclub in Paris invited Drumcode event to rock the two-floor boat. “La barge” like they call it in french, hosts parties that go all day long and became popular with the rise of the Techno scene in Paris as they invited and collaborated with all the best underground techno DJs and collectives. They also produce one of the most important French Techno music festival: Weather Festival.

How to be too cool for school in Paris:

Be nice and friendly for once.

The PartyPlan:

Sunday 22nd of November



Unexpected happenings:

This moment when everybody feel Techno music, dance, start to whistle and to shot for joy: Adam Beyer is playing!

Discover X1000 from Berlinons Paris‘ collective, his communicative smile and his hypnotic set.

Have the best time of your day winning your friends at table-football.



Adam Beyer

Berlinons Paris


Amsterdam – Amsterdam Dance Event 20





Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. The city is infamous for its coffee shops and its Red Light district. Amsterdam also became a meeting point for  the electronic music industry lately. Since 20 years October is the most interesting month to be there.

2015, we celebrated the 20h anniversary of ADE. Can you imagine a better moment to explore this breath taking hotspot ? TechnoTour it is.


Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the world’s leading electronic music platform and biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. The five-day festival includes an evening program and a unique blend of daytime conference meetings, interactive workshops, tech demos and roundtable discussions.

The nighttime ADE Festival  features 450 events and 2,200 artists over five days in 115 clubs and venues. The shows attract over 350,000 people from all over the world to the city, making Amsterdam one of the busiest clubbing cities in the world.

Everybody is there, all the city is boiling, everybody is making plans, everybody is talking about it. Everything we like, so we returned to ADE for the second time.


Learn fast how and where to walk in the street without risking an accident with a bike, a car, a boat or a tram.

Make this party plan, be organized, know where you want to go, which venues, which artists you want to see, who is organizing the party.

Be like a person living in Amsterdam: super friendly and have a knack for saving the world. Be veggie and of course you love Techno! Comon’ in Amsterdam you have Hawakenings, the Gashouder, Dekmantel and we will always regret your Trouw and Studio 80.

Dance without caring about people around you and be very tall.

Go to take an energizing breakfast at Breakfast Club.

Come from Berlin or you already lived there or you have a lot of friends leaving in Berlin.

Organize The pre-party at your place and tell your friends from the industry.

Organize THE after party at your place and tell your friends from everywhere in the world.

Celebrate your birthday.

Drink San Juan Tequila.

Play with ballons.

The PartyPlan

Wednesday 14th:



Sonos Studio

Rotate Berlin Showcase

Hyte with Pan Pot ss

Friday 16th:

Breakfast Club

Enter Amsterdam by digital

Ellum Showcase

Saturday 17th

Ellum After Party

Dockyard Festival

Sunday 18th



Get your ADE card, meet a friend by chance, assist to a conference and learn how to celebrate safe at a ADE conference meeting point.

Meet a friend in a secret cocktail place called The Butcher.

Meet other friends at Liaison’s place to have an interesting pre-party.

Comme back home and discover the after party of your dream at home.

Make an other after party in an incredible venue. Also people are always so welcoming.

Thanks god there is a city on hearth where toilets are clean and not repulsive in exchange of a few euros.

Be aware of the weather, it can be very cold out there.

Barcelona – A Techno party summer

















AFTER AFTER AFTER. That is where you will meet interesting personalities, maybe the love of your life or, like us, just nice guys. Last weekend after the monasterio we went to a secret basement party. Where we met Sydney and his friends. Apparently Sydney reckoned us to be pretty nice girls and invited us one week later to this rooftop garden with a impressive sound system, BBQ, a mix of DJ’s, french kids, NYC hustlers and beautiful girls.

Sydney’s parents left the house for some time, so he decided to host a bunch of small preparties. And larger parties. And pool parties. And BBQ parties. And even more parties.


Anyhow, here’s a little resumee about one of our weekends in August.

On Thursday we left quite early from S. place for a dance at the La Terrrazza with SHAWNECY. La Terrrazza is a stunning open air club, with a beautiful backstage area. Up in there you have a great view to see the  dancing crowd. Unfortunately are most of them drunk tourists. So no after party for us on this day. Which in the end was a good choice after all, because we had to save the energy for the next days.


Our new Hungarian friend Reelow came to our place with a bottle of pink Lambrusco. There we are, French, Hungarian, Austrian and a good friend of mine from Germany, who is living the high life in Barcelona, dancing in the living room on a little podium to Reelow’s unreleased tracks. What else could you ask for? Maybe Magda, who invited us to meet her in Nitsa Club.

Nitsa is quite famous even though they don’t do any promotion. People know the electronic music scene in Barcelona started here and will always be part of it.



El monasterio. Our favorite venue for this summer season. IR BCN organize aIR parties every Saturday and this is definitely a must see. DJ is playing music in front of a tiny monastery surrounded by little hills and green olive trees. Everyone in there is spreading a good vibe and they make the BEST frozen-something-super-nice-fruit-cocktail. The monasterio is a little playground for partypeople. You can walk on the hills, discover statues and you will always find a place where the view is better then before.

However, the real hotspot is inside the monastery. This is one of the best backstage spaces I’ve ever seen. A little garden in the middle of the building, little angel statues and still a secret area. One week before our undercover tour we pictured Audiofly. Later we meet our girl A. there, who invited us to SILKEN ROOFTOP. Vamos!


AFTER AFTER AFTER. Take a taxi, go to Under Club, get a table and a free bottle of GIN. Muchas grazias Barcelona, I love you. Guy Gerber on the deck and waisted people in the VIP area. Luckily Erlin James made us dance until the early morning.

A bit later…


S. and T. picked us up with their car and we had a TechnoDrive to the Silken Hotel. The elevator bring you to the 10th floor of this beautiful building and there they are: Mobilee crew is waiting with easy music, this sunday Ralf Kollmann -don’t try it girl-, beers -forget the wine, its expensive and awful-, a pool, a great view and.. and what else do u need? After a sunny dance we went to S. place, BBQ and a couch. All we need before the next stop: Pacha Barcelona.

Kink vs. Sierra LIVE, Roustam and Herr.


As you can see on my duckface, I was very drunk -thanks to B. who gave me Tequila. Lauren organized a place to chill so we went to see friends on a boat.

boat 1


As you can imagine we continued until Monday evening, and now its time to rest. Cheers.


Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival. Berlin style.


Two weeks later I still can’t find the right words.

All the beautiful colors, bass, glitter and rain…

This wonderland is a blast and I will always keep it in a good memory. A Memory, which is only mine and which I cannot and will not share.

I wanted to experienace a new kind of music festival. One I’ve never seen before.

The line-up is secret and even myself, who is always well prepared and organized (if it’s about the nightlife), just let my phone in the car and experienced this beautiful, wild and free world without any plans or ideas of timetables. The best advice I can give you is: if you ever enter this festival, at each moment you are always at the best place, with the best people and the best music. Enjoy your time, open your eyes, waste it if you find some inspirational little things, but just don’t waste it chasing artists or shows.

Here would usually be the place to add some pictures, however:


You are very welcome to take pictures at Fusion festival – if they’re for personal use. However, we don’t appreciate people running around with a camera, thinking they can actually take their experiences back home on a microchip. And we can also easily do without the countless bad pictures and boring films that pop up on Flickr and YouTube shortly after the festival.

We would also like to ask that you use of your pictures responsibly. Please remember that you should respect and under no circumstances abuse another person’s rights regarding their own image.

No sponsoring, no advertising, no pictures but

– A lot of music, from circus music (Thanks to you, my dear friend, I will never forget this) to hip hop, trance (trance trance trance), Ain’t no sunshinetrippy and a lot of experimental music. And Richie Hawtin.

– Theater

– Cinema

– Markets

– Any kind of veggy and vegan food

– A boat

– A million things I didn’t see.

The Fusion festival started in 1997 with the main idea to be free from constraints and controls. They did it well.



//Picture credits & sources//, 2015

Berlin – Techno Weekend





– Go for a TechnoTrip to Berlin

– Rent an AirBnB flat in Kreuzberg

– Arrive on a Friday and leave on a Monday if it’s possible

– Be organized and have a look at Resident Advisor to know what’s happening

– Be curious about all type of music

– Try to get in Berghain

– Try to look like the oldest / gayest / most junky possible to get in Berghain

– Have a Plan B in case they don’t let you enter in Berghain

– Do a stamp collection on your wrist of all the clubs and places you visit

– Take a selfie in the toilette wherever it’s not allowed to do it.

– Try “underground” events and less “underground” ones

– Go to watergate – we had our best night out there

– During summer time, enjoy open air venues like Sisyphos and put glitters

– Order a Matte Vodka at the Bar

– Go to Hardwax vinyl shop and do vintage shoping

– Stick your stickers everywhere

– Talk to people in parties

– Take a touristic bus to see major sites of the city

– By chance, be kick out of the touristic bus at Berlin’s Wall

– Come back to do everything you didn’t had the time to do in one weekend


– Don’t be afraid if you don’t speak german – only 27% of the population comes from Berlin

– Try not to drink alcohol to much if you want to party hard all the weekend

– Don’t listen to people opinion, make your own

– In Berlin you can smoke in clubs but remember not to smoke in open air touristic bus – they will kick you out

– Don’t forget they’ll not let you enter to club if you forget you are in Berlin and arrive to a venue as a happy group of 10 spanish people

– So don’t forget hard selection at club’s doors

– Don’t except to meet nice people at clubs’ entry

– But don’t hesitate to ask your way in the street, in Berlin people are creams

– Don’t forget to make a tour of the venue once you enter to a place or you will miss rooms

– Don’t forget your ID

– Don’t expect to hear techno everywhere

– Don’t have a lot of expectation regarding Club Der Visionaere -Anyway it’s nice to have a drink!

Ps: If you read somewhere Good Livin or Studio Kreuzberg names, go for it you will be in safe hands!


Barcelona – Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Breakfast is a party coming from Zürich.

“In Zürich this is the best party in town!”
Sunday Breakfast has quickly established itself as the best underground day party event in Zürich, maintaining a steady flow of international and local acts supported by a sophisticated LED lighting concept and a monster high definition Kv2 sound system packing a heavy punch.

“With us, the music is in every respect the very center of our plan, all the other unnecessary frills we can do without.”

Catch Sunday Breakfast in Zürich but also in Barcelona now for a few dates and our greatest pleasure.

Support them:


Barcelona – FACT Music Pool Series

– Between Wednesday the 17th and Sunday 21st of June, Fact Worldwide is powering the best pool parties of the year in Barcelona. 

More than 70 DJs / 5 days / 5 Showcases / 5 vibes

Prepare your bikini, your sunglasses, suncream, party outfit and your floating crocodile.

Ps: If you search for me, I’ll be under the disco ball in the middle of the dance floor or in the DJ Booth.

Pss: last advice: Don’t miss it!

Lauren –

Fact Music Pool Series Facebook Fan Page



 Mirror uk:

1st of the top 10 parties of Sonar Off Week
“Hosting some of the biggest names in house and techno, … , these are definitely not the parties you want to miss.”

Resident Advisor:

Fact Music Pool Series has outlined this year’s plans in full.”

Pulse Radio:

“In the heat of Barcelona’s summer, the best way to cool off is with a good old fashion pool party, and no one does it better than FACT.”

Deep House Amsterdam:

“Intense FACT Music Pool Series experience located at one of the most exceptional Off Week venues.”

DJ Mag:

“Fact Music Pool Series 2015, Cinco días de la mejor electrónica en Barcelona.”





Barcelona – Le bako

Do a preparty with all your friends and the friends of your friends.

Take a Techno-Taxi.

Go to the club with the biggest group of friend possible.

Let your phone at the entry of Le Bako Barcelona‘s doors.

Loose yourself in the huge Le Bako.

Take a tequila shot.

Support your DJ friends: The Deals, Recanism and Pøli.

Hear Agatha Pher for the first time.

Wish Alex Molina’s Birthday.

Take a “Sex Party” picture.

Jump on the sofa.


Yes, this Le Bako Barcelona was damn fun!



Le Bako

Innsbruck – Techno and Party scene exploration


INNSBRUCK Winter 2014-2015


Innsbruck – a small conservative city in the center of the Alps. This is not the kind of a place you would expect a noticeable techno scene, however, thanks to a couple of highly motivated students and Techno Lovers the community is growing rapidly.

First, I want to start with the famous going deep boyband.


picture by Marius Schwager 

MauriceHannes, János, Simpert Berkan, Alex and Didi are “ear- and eye candy” for our girls. They host several nights at Club Aftershave Cubique and are DJs resident at “Die Tante Emma”  – one of my favourite clubs. Fancy interior, spray art from emst and cozy couches but only the dance floor matters.

Whenever there is a showcase from those sexy boys the whole crowd goes nuts. In addition to the club shows they are organizing underground partys at the greatest locations à la “Innsbruck you are shit, but yesterday was fun.”

Going deep - under the freeway bridge

 picture by Tobias Pircher

From the beautiful guys to the best looking top model DJ, Dyl Boban.

Welcome to the  Project Club and Deep jackin’ Acid. The sweet little sister is mixing the cocktails, the big bro the vinyls. If you love your new outfit and you want to be seen, wait until wednesday and you’ll get your classic bodyshot for sure.

deep jackin' acid

picture by Maria Posch 

Always welcome guests are the forever “schmus(en)”ing Nowhere Store owner Laurin and the well known DJ Phillip Penetzdorfer aka Precious Konga whom we unfortunately lost to the beautiful Vienna.

Furthermore, there is the previously mentioned Club Aftershave – my home base. As the ever dancing barqueen you’ll always meet the right people. For example Alonso, my spanish, always smiling, happy house homie. At the monthly charity rave, with always changing social projects, the boys are playing for free and trying to help people who are in need. This goes out to all the big event managers, you could learn a thing or two from those boys.

Talking about the well known parties & events you shouldn’t forget the hidden techno vibes and underground parties. A secret tip is subliminal, a monthly techno showcase with guests from all over Europe. Since the focus of this night is on deep & dark techno you always know it’ll be a great night. Acts like Delicatesse, KénaiCharly Schwarz and Lordick characterize this special event. I am eagerly waiting for more!

Although it takes quite a while until new music continues its way over the mountains, I really enjoy our small communities trying to push techno.





Club 4 an institution in Barcelona.

Club4 Pablo Luque B2B Luca Fabiani

This special night was supposed to be a basic thursday.

But there are always people around us to make our nights so particular and Club4 is one of those parties full of unexpected happenings. It was my first night out of my long summer season 2015 in Barcelona.

Our night started early, when we went to assist to the interview of the two stars of the night, Pablo Luque and Luca Fabiani DJs resident at Club4 by Esquimal media.

CLUB4 Barcelona

Followed by a soundcheck.

Club4 Barcelona

And then the party started, the DJs were playing back to back all night long for the greatest pleasure of the party people. You can be sure that after 1:30am the club is always full.

Club4 Barcelona

There is also this very special moment when someone tells you in the ear that the next track is a production of other friends, a collaboration between The Deals and Ukka The tracks is just finished and unreleased yet. So your attention is at the maximum, waiting for the reaction of the dancers. When the track is at its summum and when meanwhile the clubbers are freaking out, you just look at each other smiling. Those moments are priceless.

The Deals and Ukka – Connection

And that moment when nobody want to leave the club and ask for a last bomb.

Club4 Barcelona

In Barcelona we hear a lot “Sharing is Caring” and that’s exactly the point. Sharing those little moments with people you do appreciate because they make every single night unique.

As Luca Fabiani and Pablo Luque would say, Club4 is such a family story. And the Family hit up every Thursday for an other party and musical experience.

Club4 was started in Feb 2006 by Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Christian Smith and Adam Beyer.
Club4 was born in early 2006, conceived as an avant-grade global electronic music venue.
Since its beginnings Club4 has maintained a thematic line, defined by the philosophy of promoting freedom in sounds and, mainly, the intention of creating a space of fresh musical ideas in a warm and spontaneous atmosphere, thus producing an explosive party every Thursday night.

MILAN – Ricardo Villalobos at Fabrique Milano & Frames

Technobabes on technotour:
MILAN WINTER 2014-2015



Celebrate your birthday with champagne







The shorter the trip is, the less we sleep – no news.
We were amazed how cool Milan is in terms of partying.

If you plan to go to Milan for a party weekend, get ready to try 100 different kinds of Pizza within the next days.
Pizza with Burrata, Pizza Napoletana, Pizzeta and other kinds that even Italians can’t remember the names of.

But this and all the magic will happen if and only if you have TechnoTrip guides, and we had perfect ones!

Milan was a perfect occasion for the blondies to get together and celebrate Eva’s birthday.
We started our weekend with a quick visit to the city center, passing by the Cathedral Duomo di Milano, the hip part of town with second hands shops and boutiques, the coolest vinyl shop ever called Serendeepity and a few roman remains.
If you have the time, make a stop at Monza, a super cute village close to Milano full of “Rich Bitch” shops and unforgettable restaurants just like Trattoria Caprese.

The Spanish would say Postureo, The French would say Chic and we still don’t know how to say it in Italian but if you like classy venues you should definitely have a drink at TOMs. It is definitely worth a visit, just because of their stamp “TOM THINKS YOU ARE HOT” in your wrist and the second floor. Really heavy cool curtains lead you to a dark hidden room with great music.


Well, this is what we experienced:

After having celebrated Eva’s birthday with French champagne we quickly changed to glitter and glamour and the party tour had begun.
We had a great dinner with the Italian team at a place called Dal Ponte. Pizzas to share, delicious fish choosen by our hosts, Gelber Muskateller and a lot of laughs later, it was already time to head towards Fabrique Milano. We didn’t want to miss our friend Sbri from Loud Barcelona playing back to back with Gueves.

Not one minute after arriving at the venue we already had our magic bracelets for the biggest backstage area ever. Perfect!

After Sbri & Gueves, Sonja Moonear prepared Ricardo Villalobos show. She made the 4000 guests and party people dance at this huge venue.

When Ricardo Villalobos entered and started to play the first vinyl, people just freaked out. As did we! We were expecting him a bit too fucked up as he used to be but those times but not this one! Lucky girls – he played super great!

Villalobos is one of the Djs (like Nina kraviz) who has his own dancing moves:

The last song he played was mind blasting: it was a kind of song with African influences and Italian lyrics –we are still discussing about it. The people left and we went to sleep…

Of course we didn’t!
Once again we heard the classic: “After party, after party, who said after party!?” during this moment everybody is figuring out what’s the next plan.

That’s how we arrived at a place we will never ever find again. Sbri played a second time to open the after party and the penthouse was big enough for 200 people so we danced until the sunrise and even longer. It was a big house hidden in the suburbs of Milan and the only thing that made us belive it was not a dream was the horrible, long and rainy way back home.

The following day, or should we say the same day, after a well-deserved power nap, we went to dinner again. “Pizza, Pasta and Amore” – And the fantastic burrata coming directly from an other galaxy.

Sammy Dee

We’ve been to Frames party for the last night out of our trip to Milano.

Frames Milan is every Saturdays in a small club but it’s definitely an insiders’ tip!

“My favourite party in Milan? This one of course!” people said around us.
Italians don’t speak a lot, they just like to dance to really feel the vibe.

The sound system was good but Frames clearly won by providing the precious Hierbas Ibicencas liquor directly from Ibiza. Italians know the good things!

Our host Pabie and Sammy Dee in the DJ booth once again made this night unforgettable. We really had so much fun there!

Our trip to Milan was a great opportunity to meet amazing people, see friends, have great food and especially experiencing the Milan nightlife!
We would like to thank everybody for this amazing trip!
Ciao ciao

Ps 1: Don’t forget to buy a bottle of Montenegro or Frangelico at the airport.

Ps 2: One word to remind in Italian: festa


//Picture Credits//






A few times ago we’ve decided to go to Madrid, the capital of Spain, and so, to one of the presupposed European capitals of the party.

Madrid is cold in winter but there is no doubt in saying that Spanish people have always the blood hot enough not to miss any party.





16:00 a 17:00 EXIUM b2b REEKO
17:00 a 18:00 BEN KLOCK
18:00 a 19:00 MARCEL DETTMANN
19:00 a 20:00 ADAM BEYER
20:00 a 21:00 OSCAR MULERO
21:00 a 21:30 GAISER (live)
21:30 a 23:00 RICHIE HAWTIN
23:00 a 00:15 TALE OF US
00:15 a 01:30 SETH TROXLER
01:30 a 02:30 PAN-POT
02:30 a 04:00 MARCO CAROLA
04:00 a 05:30 PACO OSUNA
05:30 a 07:00 JORIS VOORN
07:00 a 08:00 BLAWAN





Our first techno trip of 2015 has been intense as always. It started on the 1st with the massive Madrid Winter Festival and ended on the 4th after a memorable night at Mondo Disko

Madrid Techno Babes

Madrid Winter Festival

Richie Hawtin


The festival has been mind blasting for us but Madrid Winter festival  for NYE 2015 is also remembered internationally for its pitiful production. In one sentence: No water at all on the festival location.

Even if they have to improve a few organizational points, we keep in mind that Love & Hate and Disorder Events succeed in bringing us an amazing Line-up to start the year properly.

For its second edition, we will sum up the Madrid Winter Festival as: one super huge stage and one header every hour or hour and a half as an average. It was nice for once not to have to check the time or to move from stage to stage but just having to enjoy and to discover a new atmosphere every DJ and to let them making us travelling for a short period of time.

We will highlight Tale of usSeth Troxler and Marco Carola.
They were particularly amazing!

We get goosebumps by watching those videos again…

Madrid winter festival

Don’t forget to have a look to the official aftermovie and try to spot us!

Mondo Disko

In our opinion, the Mondo Disko is the club to see in Madrid! The place is beautiful, the crowd is always dancing and there is a super nice vibe inside the club. What a club and what a good and selective line-up every weekend!
This particular night, Ellen Allien was in the cabin and we can confirm, she definitely comes from an other galaxy! Her set was a little bit more acid than usual for our greatest pleasure.

Madrid Techno Babes




PARIS Winter 2014-2015


When talking about the european techno scene and its development, Paris is often left out. Although there has always been a strong interest in electronic music, the french focused mainly on ElectroclashNu-Disco and good House. You know, French Touch! But the trend is changing…
Here are a couple of the most famous labels in France by the French Clubbers: Have a look at Ed Banger recordBromance records, and Roche Music for exemple.

Today Paris is as awake as never before! Close your eyes… Imagine you’re in Paris right now… Let’s see whats happening in the french capital tonight:

Friday the 12th of December 2014:

– Jamie Jones & Infinity Ink at YoYo-Palais de Tokyo

– Seth Troxler – Ibellini at Showcase

– We are Family with Boris Brejcha at La Machine Du Moulin Rouge

– Joseph Capriati + Marcelo Cura at ZigZag – BorderKerri Chandler, Marek Hemman & Nicone at TW7

– Grand Paris – Blank: “Life and Death“: Tale of UsAgoriaDj Tennis and Mind Against at La Cité De La Mode Et Du Design

That is pretty amazing, right?
I needed to find the right occasion to come back to the city of love. Guess who was playing that weekend ? The new project of the best Djs of the moment in my opinion: Binh Germann & Onur Özer named Treatment: “Best quality music ever, rare records and super taste” they say.











My Parisian weekend really began when I went to lunch with the head of The Walking Machine.

On the menu: Parisian night-life news, new projects talks and lots of laughs about the Richie Hawtin and his recent incident at Time Warp NL.

Just like in every other big city there are a lot of clubs – the good ones and the better ones.

Rex Club is one of the top locations in Paris. That’s why after having motivated one of my party friend and said to Francesco del garda that we will come to dance until the end, we decided to move there. Don’t miss out Rex Club when you’re around!

That’s when I discovered for the first time Evan Baggs and Kermit Dee playing in B2B with Monsieur Sina.

In the end, Francesco del Garda & Evan Baggs, were playing a crazy B2B set and invited us to do an unplanned after party…
After, after, who said after?!

At the closing, we formed a happy group and right after this well-known moment: we-are-on-the-street-taking-decision-for-the-after-party we left the Rex Club with the DJs and went to a location like nothing I’ve ever seen before

I never seen a place so beautifully weird before. When we entered, first, Albert Einstein in wax was looking at us, then we discovered many heads, bodies, pieces of body made of different materials. Really really weird. The last room was decorated with 3 magnificent pieces of 3D arts representing the draw of cutaway heads.

If my memory is good, when we entered this room, everybody kept quiet few long seconds impressed by the beauty of the art and the unlikely place. After a few explanations we knew we had walked across the studio and the showroom of the most famous European anthropologist who is actually working on 3D artistic projects. I was just with super nice people and I had the pleasure to make some new super cool discoveries. (Have a closer look at the bottom of the article).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay to long, but I heard that the after party went on till 7pm.

Time moves fast in Paris and I quickly had to be ready to leave for the second night, the one I was here for.

Black liner, well-chosen outfit, my TechnoBabes sweatshirt and my Parisian besties, that’s how you get ready for Concrete!

What I really like in “La Concrete” is that everyone has its own way to live it!

Concrete (own by Surprize Agency such as the Weather Festival in Paris) used to only organize after hours / after parties on Sundays when I first went there. Within the last year they opened up on Friday & Sunday nights as well. Although people say it has changed too much by attracted young and arrogant parisiens, I still believe it’s the best club in town.

Just have a look at the line up! The music, the vibe, the people, the venue is a boat on the river La Seine, the soundsystem is Function One… I could go on for hours describing the atmosphere… But you really have to live it to understand it.


I came to see Onur Ozer. I heard him play at last Amsterdam Dance Event and never heard a similar music. This time, him and Binh presented their new project named Treatment. One thing to say, if you are a promoter, a super crew or the DA of a club, please book Treatment, invite me and I will be the happiest girl in the world.

To put in a nutshell, the cons of this night: It ended too fast!

Finallyl let’s talk about after parties again: On Saturday morning we moved to this little epic funny bar named Le Moka. « A bar that open very early just to do afters?! » asked my father surprised .

Yes it is: the place is little, the people are smiling and coming up early on the morning to get a beer, the DJ and the music are super cool and you will never see so cheap beers ever more in Paris!

The moka was the last adventure of my parisian party trip.

The conclusion of this new report of Paris is : 

Rex Club and Concrete are the best places to go out and surely the most famous
Never say no to an after-party

Kermit Dee

Monsieur Sina 

Mr. Kate Fleur Carrée 

Julian Ganzer 

Concrete Music 


Barcelona – In Winter





A preview for the Dark Techno lovers:

Without forgetting a preview for the Romanian style lovers:



Once you have been to Barcelona, you automatically fall in love. Everybody fall in love of Barcelona. And then, you fell like you always have to come back.
Again and again. And again…

That’s how some days ago I took a flight Bordeaux-Barcelona to see the missing faces, to walk through those streets and to party -a little bit- in its clubs and feel this incomparable energy. In short, I went to try my luck once again in Barcelona.

The goal was for me to prove one more time my availability of party marathoning, to collect the maximum of information and then, to compare them just right for you.

After a quick listing, new record sets:
In 6 nights, I attended to 10 different parties!

(And I also saw the light of the day and I also missed my flight back… Yes nobody is invincible finally…)



After having enjoyed already 5 months in total in Barcelona but spread over two summer seasons -2013 & 2014- I though everything was more or less fixed. I mean, the Sagrada Familia is still here, still under construction and you will always find this fresh air coming from the sea, the one that makes you fell in holiday immediately when you arrive in town.

This time I really realised how much Barcelona is constantly into the move.
By the way, everybody is into the move.
You can observe new ties of friendship and alliances, some people who won’t speak to each other anymore; some who are planning to leave the city meanwhile other ones just arrived…
When I start my journey there, of course I heard about parties I already knew. But I was not prepared to hear about so many new parties and so many new ideas and concepts in development.
To everyone reading those words: I can promise that some super cool parties are designed in the secret for the near or less near future at this moment!

Those days, you can clearly feel that the people get excited. For sure that’s because the Sonar and Off Sonar is getting closer… Tic tac tic tac! Who will organise the best events?! Everything about the Sonar and Off Sonar has to be kept as a secret for now but you can clearly feel that everyone is preparing huge events and we loooove that!

Let’s talk more about parties:
Barcelona has two faces. Or should I say two seasons.
I’ll say that you have this winter face and the summer face. The summer season starts with the Primavera Sound festival, then, followed by the Sonar which animates the all city and then comes every summer special residencies.
It’s like Amsterdam during or not the Amsterdam Dance Event. That’s always quite different.

To understand the party rules of Barcelona maybe I need to explain the following statement. In Barcelona, you know that the party will be good by checking which events organization powered it.
In Paris for example that’s very different. You know you are at the right place when you go to one of the best clubs in town of underground music like: la Concrete, le Rex, la Machine du Moulin Rouge, le Showcase, le ZigZag etc…

In Barcelona I clearly advise you to take your first look at the event organizer before the name of the club or place to be sure of your choice.





Tuesday 11th of November:

CRAPPY (BASS) at Sala Apolo with Tracy Recordings 

Wednesday 12th:

RECKON at Bloc 

Thursday 13th:

CLUB 4 at City Hall
LOUD SHOWCASE at Macarena 

Friday 14th:

FOUN at The Apartment
WHITE MONKY at City Hall 

Saturday 15th:

MIRA FESTIVAL at Razzmatazz
PUTIS! SHOWCASE at Puerto Hurraco 

Sunday 16th:

INSANE x FACT at Pacha Barcelona



Once again my week in Barcelona have been so enriching. So many beautiful people are working hard everyday to make live the underground scene. When you decide to go party or to hear good music you always have to make some difficult choices. And this, every single day of the week. Depends what is your type of music or what kind of party you like, here in Barcelona you will always find something to fit exactly to your expectations.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.




FACT Worldwide

Insane Parties Pacha

Loud & Contact

Indigo Raw Events

Club 4

BlueCube Records

The Deals

Nitsa Club

Tracy Recordings


Macarena Microclub

Mira Festival

Moreon & Baffa




White Monky



The House Party 

Dr Dou 

Puerto Hurraco




AMSTERDAM – Amsterdam Dance Event 19





We decided ADE was the best occasion to launch our website and we took our chances.
Tadaaaam – the 15th of October was born! So we went to Amsterdam to present our project to the world.

When you arrive to Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event, the subject of every discussion is about which party or venue we prefered, which artist we enjoyed the most…

Amsterdam dance event is definitely the best moment to discover Amsterdam if you like to party. After everything we lived, it was difficult to start school the following Monday to be honest. Really difficult!
We had so much fun in Amsterdam that it worth the 3 next days trying to recover!
We keep in mind so many good memories and met so many beautiful people. For sure next year we will visit Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event 2015.



This is how Resident Advisor presents it:
 Amsterdam Dance Event is one of the dance music world’s key industry get-togethers. The festival, which is celebrating its 19th year in 2014, brings together music lovers and industry professionals to the Netherlands for a five-day run of club shows, panel discussions and business meetings. ADE attracts 300,000 festival visitors to Amsterdam each year, with more than 2,000 DJs performing at the city’s clubs.




Wednesday 15th of October:


Thursday 16th:



Friday 17th:




Saturday 18th:








First steps in Amsterdam Dance Event 2014

We will always remember our first steps in Amsterdam. Walking trough the city center, it was like if everybody was in the city; even the sun was shining above our head. We never saw a city boiling so much before. The subject of every discussion was about which parties to go, which artists to see. Glasses on every eyes, black outfit, and sometimes ADE official pass around necks… you were able to feel the music lifestyle while techno people were passing by. During ADE, techno is alive and everywhere!

Discover te city of Amsterdam

Basically, we spent the first hours of our journey discovering the city. Nieuwmarkt, Dam Square, and one of the most famous coffee shops named Green House. Organic love. Check out their collection of picture with the celebrities who went there.

Fuse x Karton ADE showcase party

When the night came out, we decided to go to the Fuse x Karton ADE showcase party.
Fuse is famous because it took Sunday clubbing in London to another level and it became an institution in Ibiza too few years later.
Everybody was enjoying the music so much, singing and dancing. We had the pleasure to hear Onur Özer for our very first time; he was definitely the man of the night! This Turkish Dj is playing since 2005 in the most important clubs of the world and if you have the opportunity to see him, please take it! Minimal psychedelic techno… Everything we like!

Lost in Amsterdam

Can someone explain us how to walk in this city? Bikes everywhere, cars, trams… such a challenge!

After a long brunch time, tasting delicious traditional apple pies and big coffees, we started to put our TechnoBabes stickers everywhere to find our way back home. Amsterdam is quite confusing with all rivers and bridges and rivers and more rivers. The only thing we always find directly is the way to the party! That’s our job man!

By the way, if you find one of our sticker somewhere in Europe… #TechnoBabes ! This will always means that you are close to the best party in town.

Red Light District

Of course we took a walk in the Red District and it has nothing to compare with what we thought it would looks like… more old ladies than expected! We went in Amsterdam with biases and we have to admit that this district is quite amazing during the evening. We passed by the Red Bull Studios Playrooms and the Kompakt Pop-up Store – super cool warm-up! 

Let there be Light…

Here we were, at the exclusive worldwide Dubfire: live Hybrid show. Hybrid is a new kind of event that compiles elements of 2D and 3D animation, live audio and lightings.

We listened – or should we say, “saw”- grammy-winning recording artist Dubfire, Modular Pursuits aka Carl Craig, a Detroit techno producer, and The Hacker who comes from the early French Touch movement… No more words. This was the night of the true techno legends!

No more anti-stress cigarettes to light, the show was amazing! Even Seth Troxler was dancing crazy in the middle of the crowd! Did you saw him?

What a pleasure to see glitch effects everywhere but next time don’t hide the DJ behind panels… we want to see him sweat!

Finally, the music of Carlo Lio made us dance again. We heard if dance music is a language, then Carlo Lio is the spokesperson of the most exciting musical movement and we totally agree!


Do you really think we went back home to sleep then? If “yes” is your answer that means you still have a lot to learn about us!

So, last but not least, SCI+TEC’s Carlo Lio took us under his wings and bring us for the 2 last hours of the Awakening show where he played on the Sunday 19th of October. It was only two hours of show but the Joseph Capriati closing was the most minds blasting huge show we attend to!

Where to find energy

After a long walk from Gashouder, which used to host Awakening, to our cute Airbnb apartment located near to Centraal, we made a super TechnoBabes special thirty-minutes nap. Friends from Ibiza and Barcelona arrived at our place and we decided that the sun was too high in the sky to go to bed.

Our secret to keep on going? Find the best Vietnamese restaurant to provide you summer rolls, the right Bo Bun and a coffee coming from space to give you a lot of energy. This is the best after-party lunch we can recommend you.

Resident Advisor x SONOS x Black Coffee

TechnoBabes never stop! We followed friends to assist to the Resident Advisor ORIGINS Film Premier with Black Coffee at the SONOS studio in the Mayer Manor. What a beautiful place! For the latest edition of their film series with SONOS Resident Advisor made us travelled to South Africa to hear how a national icon was made. This was the most inspiring moment of our ADE experience.

Hyte: Ricardo Villalobos & Friends

Gehen wir! Lass tanzen!

We already knew Hyte from its residency in Barcelona as we spent an every-Thursday last summer season with them but this event went definitely above our expectations.

Fumiya Tanaka, Zip, Raresh, Ricardo Villalobos, Steve Rachmad, Makcim, Terje Bakke and Carlos Valdes… the Line up was perfect and it was such a pleasure to see again every missing faces of our Barcelona crew. Even our dear Ilya was there to dance with all of us and celebrate with champagne and hearts.

We also heard from a Villalobos expert that this set was one of his best!

Hyte, as usual, you took properly care of us and made our night very special.

Unexpected After Party

After party, Hyte after party? Who said after party?
Let’s jump in a taxi and follow the crazy dancer team until the Hyte Warehouse official after party. It was a place like nowhere, with good vibes and the music was so great too. Wait a second! Is Onur Ozer playing?!
To see what a Hyte after looks like:

A label to check : a :rpia :r

Dockyard festival

TechnoBabes don’t have any minute to loose. Few hours sleeping, shower, coffee and let’s go.

We already knew that Fact don’t make fun with party organization but this time was impressive. The major part of us had to take the boat to go there. The wind blowing in your head to refresh ideas before being in the middle of basses was the best to receive at the moment. 

From tents to tents, people were dancing the whole day, they didn’t stop to enjoy and we are still crying that the time goes by so fast.
Our Favorite tent was Mystic Garden Room: Rick MaiaStefano NoferiniHoboAnja Schneider; a very good job made from the association of Fact and Deeperfect. Well-done guys!

Studio 80

Suddenly, a proposal changes the progress of our perfect planned agenda:
“Would you like to follow us to the Studio 80 where I have to see one of my artist playing?” To be clear, it would be unnatural for TechnoBabes to answer no to this type of marvelous question.
We really enjoyed the time spent following the Fabulous Band through Amsterdam and the moment we had at Studio 80. The studio 80 was hosting the Watergate party and we had the time to enjoy both the music of La Fleur and to dance a lot with Keinemusik. The club is really stylish, obscure, with good lightings, artists are close to the public and barmen are fast. This club could be one of our favorites if they had talked with air-conditioning professionals before. If you want to enjoy, better opted for a light hold!

Dockyard After party

Finally, we came back to the Dockyard official After Party to hear real dark techno and when we came back, the music was as insane as expected. There, we discover our new favorite after party DJs Natch! & Dothen coming from Florence in Italia. They found the best way to switch to the next song, fabulous! This after party was really great but please more lights, we know that you like darkness but we want to see our DJs!