Berlin – Techno Weekend





– Go for a TechnoTrip to Berlin

– Rent an AirBnB flat in Kreuzberg

– Arrive on a Friday and leave on a Monday if it’s possible

– Be organized and have a look at Resident Advisor to know what’s happening

– Be curious about all type of music

– Try to get in Berghain

– Try to look like the oldest / gayest / most junky possible to get in Berghain

– Have a Plan B in case they don’t let you enter in Berghain

– Do a stamp collection on your wrist of all the clubs and places you visit

– Take a selfie in the toilette wherever it’s not allowed to do it.

– Try “underground” events and less “underground” ones

– Go to watergate – we had our best night out there

– During summer time, enjoy open air venues like Sisyphos and put glitters

– Order a Matte Vodka at the Bar

– Go to Hardwax vinyl shop and do vintage shoping

– Stick your stickers everywhere

– Talk to people in parties

– Take a touristic bus to see major sites of the city

– By chance, be kick out of the touristic bus at Berlin’s Wall

– Come back to do everything you didn’t had the time to do in one weekend


– Don’t be afraid if you don’t speak german – only 27% of the population comes from Berlin

– Try not to drink alcohol to much if you want to party hard all the weekend

– Don’t listen to people opinion, make your own

– In Berlin you can smoke in clubs but remember not to smoke in open air touristic bus – they will kick you out

– Don’t forget they’ll not let you enter to club if you forget you are in Berlin and arrive to a venue as a happy group of 10 spanish people

– So don’t forget hard selection at club’s doors

– Don’t except to meet nice people at clubs’ entry

– But don’t hesitate to ask your way in the street, in Berlin people are creams

– Don’t forget to make a tour of the venue once you enter to a place or you will miss rooms

– Don’t forget your ID

– Don’t expect to hear techno everywhere

– Don’t have a lot of expectation regarding Club Der Visionaere -Anyway it’s nice to have a drink!

Ps: If you read somewhere Good Livin or Studio Kreuzberg names, go for it you will be in safe hands!