Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival. Berlin style.


Two weeks later I still can’t find the right words.

All the beautiful colors, bass, glitter and rain…

This wonderland is a blast and I will always keep it in a good memory. A Memory, which is only mine and which I cannot and will not share.

I wanted to experienace a new kind of music festival. One I’ve never seen before.

The line-up is secret and even myself, who is always well prepared and organized (if it’s about the nightlife), just let my phone in the car and experienced this beautiful, wild and free world without any plans or ideas of timetables. The best advice I can give you is: if you ever enter this festival, at each moment you are always at the best place, with the best people and the best music. Enjoy your time, open your eyes, waste it if you find some inspirational little things, but just don’t waste it chasing artists or shows.

Here would usually be the place to add some pictures, however:


You are very welcome to take pictures at Fusion festival – if they’re for personal use. However, we don’t appreciate people running around with a camera, thinking they can actually take their experiences back home on a microchip. And we can also easily do without the countless bad pictures and boring films that pop up on Flickr and YouTube shortly after the festival.

We would also like to ask that you use of your pictures responsibly. Please remember that you should respect and under no circumstances abuse another person’s rights regarding their own image.

No sponsoring, no advertising, no pictures but

– A lot of music, from circus music (Thanks to you, my dear friend, I will never forget this) to hip hop, trance (trance trance trance), Ain’t no sunshinetrippy and a lot of experimental music. And Richie Hawtin.

– Theater

– Cinema

– Markets

– Any kind of veggy and vegan food

– A boat

– A million things I didn’t see.

The Fusion festival started in 1997 with the main idea to be free from constraints and controls. They did it well.



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