Innsbruck – Techno and Party scene exploration


INNSBRUCK Winter 2014-2015


Innsbruck – a small conservative city in the center of the Alps. This is not the kind of a place you would expect a noticeable techno scene, however, thanks to a couple of highly motivated students and Techno Lovers the community is growing rapidly.

First, I want to start with the famous going deep boyband.


picture by Marius Schwager 

MauriceHannes, János, Simpert Berkan, Alex and Didi are “ear- and eye candy” for our girls. They host several nights at Club Aftershave Cubique and are DJs resident at “Die Tante Emma”  – one of my favourite clubs. Fancy interior, spray art from emst and cozy couches but only the dance floor matters.

Whenever there is a showcase from those sexy boys the whole crowd goes nuts. In addition to the club shows they are organizing underground partys at the greatest locations à la “Innsbruck you are shit, but yesterday was fun.”

Going deep - under the freeway bridge

 picture by Tobias Pircher

From the beautiful guys to the best looking top model DJ, Dyl Boban.

Welcome to the  Project Club and Deep jackin’ Acid. The sweet little sister is mixing the cocktails, the big bro the vinyls. If you love your new outfit and you want to be seen, wait until wednesday and you’ll get your classic bodyshot for sure.

deep jackin' acid

picture by Maria Posch 

Always welcome guests are the forever “schmus(en)”ing Nowhere Store owner Laurin and the well known DJ Phillip Penetzdorfer aka Precious Konga whom we unfortunately lost to the beautiful Vienna.

Furthermore, there is the previously mentioned Club Aftershave – my home base. As the ever dancing barqueen you’ll always meet the right people. For example Alonso, my spanish, always smiling, happy house homie. At the monthly charity rave, with always changing social projects, the boys are playing for free and trying to help people who are in need. This goes out to all the big event managers, you could learn a thing or two from those boys.

Talking about the well known parties & events you shouldn’t forget the hidden techno vibes and underground parties. A secret tip is subliminal, a monthly techno showcase with guests from all over Europe. Since the focus of this night is on deep & dark techno you always know it’ll be a great night. Acts like Delicatesse, KénaiCharly Schwarz and Lordick characterize this special event. I am eagerly waiting for more!

Although it takes quite a while until new music continues its way over the mountains, I really enjoy our small communities trying to push techno.