Kyiv – club scene & hope for the world

Feminist artist @helatomic facing Lesya Ukrainka,
Ukrainian freedom fighter, poet and civil rights activist.
“Lilly of the valley” Mural by @guidovanhelten

📷  picture taken in July 2021




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I went to KYIV, UKRAINE in July 2021.

My mind got blown away.

It was quite a while since all eyes and ears were turned to the capital of this exotic Eastern-European country; especially in cultural industries. 

Years ago, electronic music media started to publish some articles and documentaries about a music scene blooming there. Seeds were planted in our minds and curiosity awakened.

Early adopters, lucky enough to have had life putting Kyiv on their path, were coming back from this new mysterious Eldorado, chanting some tales about a city where culture, humanity and feminine energy were blending. 

Suddenly, a worldwide pandemic hit the earth and all its inhabitants. 

And so, all cultural life completely shut down around the world.

Earthly humans were forbidden to meet each other and forced to stay home.

Unless in Kyiv. 

And so, we went to Kyiv.

It was a matter of keeping celebrating life, moving our bodies and connecting throughout 2 years of global terrific life lockdowns.

Friends were reporting that the boarding queue at the airport gate Berlin-Kyiv for New Year’s Eve 2020 and 2021 seemed like a Berghain queue.

Unless only a negative PCR test paper, the golden ticket to travel in Europe during those dark times, would allow you to get into this new cultural capital of the world and its infamous clubs. 

I had a love and hate misconception of Kyiv for some very personal narratives.
Though, last July, the pandemic rebel city of hope and freedom welcomed me with wide-open arms. 

I was so lucky to have had Kyiv introduced to me by one of my favourite couples and best friends (@Helatomic, @Lavatronic and @victorhalcantara ). We could finally dance all together again… 

They had already been there several times before and so had most of my closest friends; especially Berliners.

Going to Kyiv was very special to us. There, I experienced my first post-pandemic festival and clubbing weekend successful come-back.

The scene was on fire! 

Someone had even opened a club without a name, built by the same architect studio as the Berlin-based renowned best club in the world, Berghain. People call it K41.

Maybe it has many similarities with Berghain, but the vibe was unique and fresh.

Finally, I could live and see the magnificence of this modern Babylon with my own eyes.

What did I find in Kyiv? 

Freedom, strong female energy and kindness. 

People would say that the vibe in Kyiv is quite similar to what Berlin used to be in the 90’s “poor but sexy”. And this holds true.
But I would always add that Kyiv is a feminine version of Berlin, where a rather raw masculine energy infuses the town’s feel and touch.

In Kyiv, Woman Power was everywhere. 

Starting with the gigantic victorious statue of Motherland overlooking the city and defying enemies.
Also in the history of the mediaeval city such as when Lybid, a woman, led three “bros” and founded Kyiv. Where did we see a woman going around with her harem before…? 

In politics too with the influence of Lesya Ukrainka’s work in political, civil and feminist activism.
Very impressively, in the clubs were fascinating creatures would dance top-less in between true respect, open-mindedness and admiration.


And in so many other ways. 

This is what I want to remember about Kyiv: pure strong feminine energy in the air.
A taste of what could be a more balanced world, between masculine and feminine forces.
Quite futuristic.
I hope so.

I felt mesmerised to discover that culture.
Yes, there is one place in the entire world where women feel so free that they dance breast-free on techno music all around the city clubs. Still quite surrealistic but surely spreading a trend in our favourite parties, at least in Europe.

I want to remember the mix of the nicest and most creative Ukrainians having fun with other music and culture aficionados from all over, too curious not to live these quite unique pandemic moments.

The too-cool-for-school thing to do for every promoter and DJ in Europe and beyond was to organise events or get to play there.

Not longer than two weeks ago we were still talking about how established the scene was in Ukraine. We had a chat about it from the other side of the world, in Mexico with the German Giegling crew.


Yes, Kyiv was the place to be in the world for partying. 

Suddenly, the news we received shocked the world.

War had begun…

As unreal as it sounded for me sitting on a beach on the pacific coast in Central America, the news hit us.
The storm was ragging on a global level and the eye of the cyclone was Ukraine.

In fact, we were all expecting something to happen at… anytime really.
I remember that when my best friends from Berlin, Paris, Madrid and more went to Kyiv for New Year’s Eve 2 months ago we were already talking about the Russian government about to make the wrong move… “anytime but after new year’s eve for surer”… deep within, we felt and knew.

Although no one could have foreseen the horror it became.

It took me some time to digest the information.
And yet the coming news were getting worse day after day. 

With regards to our favourite club: ​​”Our friend who used to manage K41 had to escape via Poland in order to come back to Berlin. They lost everything, and the club became a shelter …”

Every time I feel heavy, I try to remember that we live in a dualistic world and I know that every perspective, no matter how elevated, has its anthesis. As evil as the situation is, as light it would awake to counterforce. 

And light always wins.

As close to that fine line as we can get, light always wins.

Seeing the world getting together to stand up against a common threat is heartwarming… I’ve never experienced such solidarity.

However, I’ve also seen the danger of hate engendering more hate and fear spreading like a wildfire.

Please don’t fall into those traps.

As much as I try myself not to. Even if some days are more challenging than others…

I want to believe that this is a collective mission. Keeping faith, open-mindedness and empathy.
Towards all living species on earth.

Our planet is a gem standing in our hands and as we contemplate it we could remember that : 

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”  Hermes Trismegistus

What if the conflicts and triggers in our world reality mirrored internal conflicts?

What if we could change the world by looking inside of us on a micro-quantum level to influence the macro-quantum field?

I try every day to take care of myself, to take care of the people around me, to be kind to nature.
Sometimes I could do better…

What do I think about ? How do I feel ? How do I act ?

I do my very best to share laughter, happy vibes and lightness around.

I strive to envision multiple, probable and positive futures alternatives. 

I believe that we are the artists, masters of our life, creators of our collective reality.

Humanity is the genesis of its own future.

Today I want to share my love, consideration and strength with those who suffer.
No matter what country they live in or what tragedy they have to go through.
I will never be able to imagine what those people are feeling because nothing prepares us for it…

We are all the most amazing creatures that ever existed and we all deserve to live in peace and serenity. 

Today I needed to share my support for Ukraine and transform the heavily charged emotions my heart feels some days into something beautiful. 

I wish for life, empathic intelligence and freedom to prevail.

Tonight I light a candle of hope for the world. 

So when you feel fearful or worried, just stare at the candle’s burning mesh and breathe.
That way, you will free your mind, at this exact moment and for as long as you will look at it. 


ᏝΩ Mars 2022, Mexico