Paul Oakenfold’s secrets to success

Paul Oakenfold

1. The Art of the Mix (DJ’ing 101)
2. In-studio Production (Breaking it down)
3. Publishing, Marketing
4. Social Media
5. Radio
6. Agents and Management

No longer is musical talent alone a prerequisite for success. In fact being a good businessman is a major part of being able to sell the services you provide as an entertainer. In this way Paul says that learning to be a DJ is about more than just the music, it’s the business behind the music which encompasses:

1. The history of DJing and the scene we live in today
2. Understanding the basic principles of dance music and song structure
3. Understanding DJ equipment, signal flow and terminology
4. How to operate 2 CDJ’s or 2 turntables in conjunction with a DJ mixer
5. Understanding pitch and speed
6. The secret art of beat mixing
7. Utilising the art of EQ
8. Using in built FX units
9. How to create a recorded DJ mix demo
10. How to effectively Promote, Brand and Network to achieve a public profile and ultimately gigs


Whether you are listening to a CD, watching a commercial, going to a club or playing a video game; Paul’s omnimedia presence is felt everywhere. Paul Oakenfold is the sovereign of DJ culture and is its most recognizable icon.



Via Pulse Radio



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